The Ones I Finished Video Games

Game 247 — Hotline Miami 2

After I finished playing Hotline Miami last week, I decided that I wanted to roll right into Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which had also been sitting unplayed in my Steam library. Here are my thoughts:

In short, Wrong Number is more of everything that the first game had to offer, turned up ever so slightly. So if you enjoyed the first game (more about that here), there’s no reason not to play the second.

The new weapons, players, and maps add some variety but stretch the mechanics to the edge of what could still be called fun. There are a few stages where enemies would pepper me with bullets from off screen. This would have been wildly frustrating if the game weren’t as blisteringly fast as ever. Any more difficult, and I think Wrong Number might have stopped being fun.

The most fascinating iteration from the first Hotline Miami is in its story. The story in the first game did little more than hint at some interesting thematic tension between the player and violent actions of the main character. Wrong Number spins its cast of deplorables into a more cohesive and thought provoking story, though the narrative remains somewhat opaque. I’ve spent some time thinking about what it all means in the hours since I finished the game, and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. It depicts the start of a series of violent plots and begs the player to put an end to them.

I’ve ranked every game that I’ve ever finished. Since Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number skews so close to it’s precursor, I’ll probably rank them close together. I’ve tentatively ranked the game 144 out of 247.

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