The Ones I Finished Video Games

Game 250 — Opus: The Day We Found Earth

Opus: The Day We Found Earth is the 250th video game that I’ve completed in my life. It’s a very short game, so I’ll try to keep my thoughts on the game short as well.

I had not heard of Opus until after this charming little experiment of a game had become a series. Last year, the third game in the series, Opus: Echo of Starsong, came up on episode a of Vice’s Waypoint podcast. It sounded interesting, so I decided to try the first game. As usual, it has taken me over a year to get around to it.

Opus: The Day We Found Earth is mechanically and visually simple, but it has an earnest charm. You play as a childlike robot, trying to return to Earth millions of years after humanity has left the planet. Opus moves quickly from story segments to telescope segments where you solve simple puzzles to locate planets that match the scientific characteristics of Earth. It’s a brisk hour-and-a-half-ish experience that manages to be surprisingly endearing.

Taiwanese indie developer SIGONO has crafted the video game equivalent of a short story, and manages to put a lot of heart into a little package.

In my ongoing effort to rank every game that I’ve ever finished, Opus: The Day We Found Earth is tentatively ranked 191 out of 250.


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