The Ones I Finished Video Games

Game 256 — Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is the 256th video game that I have completed. It is practically bursting with the wonder and delight that one can only find in a Nintendo first-party game. It’s truly excellent, and I think you should play it.

The visual and audio design of the game is superb, everything working in service of play. I’m not even a big fan of platforming games, and I might even actively dislike most 3D platformers. Yet, I found myself coming back to Super Mario 3D World over and over again.

Many of my return trips to the Sprixie Kingdom were at the prompting of my daughter, who absolutely loves this game. I ended up playing most of this game in both single player and as her player-two. There’s a wide range of difficulty in Super Mario 3D World, ranging from levels that a 4-year-old can complete on her own to ones that are a challenge for her dad.

Even though we rolled credits on the game (amidst much dancing and celebration), there are still several new levels to play. And I plan to revisit some previous levels to find the hidden green stars.

Super Mario 3D World may not be a genre-defining innovation, but I can guarantee that game likers will have a good time. In my ongoing effort to rank every game that I’ve ever finished, Super Mario 3D World is tentatively ranked 69 out of 256.


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