Hotel Dusk: Room 215

I haven’t played very many point-and-click adventure games. In fact, I could probably count the number of adventure games that I’ve spent any considerable amount of time with on one hand. And yet, as unfamiliar as I am with the genre, I couldn’t help but to be captivated by Hotel Dusk: Room 215 as I experienced the [...]

Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata is one of the few traditional Japanese role-playing games that are available for the PS3. An expanded port of the Xbox 360 game released a year earlier, it presents an interesting premise upon a series of colorful and mostly charming settings with a battle system that manages to not go stale before you save [...]

Star Ocean: First Departure

The original Star Ocean was undoubtedly one of the last great 16-bit RPGs to be released on the Super Famicom. The Star Ocean cartridge was engineered to include a S-DD1 chip, which was used to decompress graphics on the fly, allowing for the cartridge to contain more than the maximum 48 megabits. Sadly, by the time the game came [...]