How To Be A Little Wrong & What I Mean by “Free College”

First, I want to thank everyone who watched my last video, especially anyone who took the time to respond with a comment. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion, I always appreciate the willingness to engage in the discussion. I find it very valuable. Obviously, my channel is still really small on YouTube, but [...]


Persona 5

When I played Persona 3 in the summer of 2013, I felt like I had experienced something altogether unique in the RPG genre. The game was both familiar and fresh. Its gameplay elements and narrative expression had me fully engaged for nearly 140 hours. I played Persona 4 the following summer, only to discover a game that was just [...]

The Scarlet Letter, Harvey Weinstein, and the #MeToo Movement

I recognize that this post comes out of nowhere for my regular readers. Let me assure you that my continued search for meaning in video games has not come to an end. But Medium Quality in its many forms has never been about just one thing. Rather, I have always thought of it as an [...]