Final Fantasy Tactics and Its Extra-textual Materials

I finished playing Final Fantasy Tactics for the first time yesterday. I feel like I’ve accomplished something notable, yet I’m having a difficult time making sense of what I just experienced. What happened? What does it mean? Did I enjoy it? If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take a few paragraphs to work through […]

The Absurdity of Existence in Another World

In the early 90’s, most of my friends had either a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis, and the aesthetic of the 16-bit console game was a fixture of my imagination. Computer games seemed like the domain of wizards who breathed the rarefied air of darkened rooms inaccessible to mortal children. But I was granted […]

Spider-Man: Heroism vs. Essentialism

The narrative tradition of any culture throughout history tends to produce stories that echo that culture’s values, fears, and aspirations. From the fertile soil of mythical conflict springs forth the archetypal hero. Arguably, there is no narrative tradition more distinctly American than the superhero comic. And the caped protagonists of those pages are the embodiment […]