Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes 00

Dragon Quest has been my favorite JRPG franchises ever since I stumbled across Dragon Quest VIII almost 12 years ago (I wrote about revisiting that game here). In the years that followed, I’ve managed to play nearly every main line Dragon Quest game, excluding the Japan-only MMO Dragon Quest X. Then along came Dragon Quest Heroes, a game that promised to be a delightful romp through fields of classic Akira Toriyama-designed enemies, featuring a host of your favorite heroes from previous Dragon Quest games.

But does Heroes live up to the legacy of this storied video game franchise?

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I hadn’t even heard of Deadbolt when my friend Steven gave me a Steam code for the game. It would have been rude to chuck the game into the dark abyss of my Steam library without at least playing for a few minutes, so I installed the game and went to work.

Was it worth my time?

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Limbo was the critical darling of the video game community in 2010. But as per usual, it took nearly 7 years to float to the top of my pile of unplayed games. But as much as I poke fun at myself for being so far behind the zeitgeist, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to let a game age. The hardcore gamers have been carried off by an ever-rolling tide of new, and I’m enjoying things in my own time.

So as I leisurely stroll through the games I neglected to play half a decade ago, I continue to ask myself what makes a game interesting. Is Limbo still interesting enough to talk about?

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Little Inferno


When I was young, I was fascinated with fire. According to my parents, I tried to set a table on fire during my 5th birthday party when they weren’t looking. Though I have no recollection of that specific event, I definitely have vivid memories of accidentally burning myself while studying the properties of flame. Tomorrow Corporation made Little Inferno for people like me. (I am not a pyromaniac.)

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Gone Home


When Gone Home came out in the last half of 2013, it became part of an ongoing debate as to what constitutes a video game. Late as usual, I sat down to play this particular game in question for the first time a few weeks ago (again, at the behest of my pal Steve). Jumping into Gone Home, I discovered something very, very different than the last video game that I played.

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